Post Production

Making Your Ideas Come to Life

Production servicesPremiere Productions has the latest AVID Media Composer, Final Cut, and Adobe Premiere non-linear video editing software together with the latest computers. All suites come with AVID’s secondary color correction and Boris Continuum effects. All rooms have Blu-ray and DVD burners as well as the latest version of Sorenson squeeze video compression software to encode video for the web. All projects are backed up on Raid drives for re-editing and updating at anytime.
We Specialize in: Video Editing: Non-linear video editing is like shuffling a deck of cards. You can quickly assemble your program then rearrange it a hundred different ways to satisfy your creative impulses. Our Avid, Adobe, and Final Cut video editing systems allow you to explore endless possibilities. With our talented editors serving as tour guides, sit back and enjoy the ride! Motion Graphics/Animation: Animation and motion graphics can seriously strengthen your message delivery. Have an idea that can't be captured on camera or need to spice up a dry presentation? Nothing livens up a TV spot or corporate film like some animation magic - and now it’s within the budget of any project. We work with a variety of skilled animation junkies - from seasoned pros to experimental filmmakers - to deliver the power of animation to your program:


• Moving Titles and Logos
• 3D Modeling
• Live Action & CG Compositing
• 3D logo design and animation
• 3D fly-through animations
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